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FFS Processing

The FFS (form fill and seal) process can be Vertical (VFFS), Horizontal (HFFS) and Tubular (TFFS), the first being the most common and older, normally used for small items of solid or liquid products as rice, beans, milk etc. The Tubular FFS was first used in Europe in the 80s for petrochemical products, replacing shipping bags, valve bags made of paper, raffia and polyethylene, with great improvement in quality and advantages in automation, in preventing package violation and enhancing the product presentation.

By the end of the 80s the filling machines arrived in Brazil, and rapidly consolidated a packaging pattern for Brazilian petrochemical companies. Although the vertical and horizontal FFS are still being used for industrial packaging, the tubular process is considered ideal for using only two seals where the others needed three, speeding the process and providing safer seals. Poly Embalagens specialized in the Tubular FFS market segment.