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FFS Film

The film used in the FFS process is usually supplied in LDPE, but there is a tendency to use a mixture of polypropylene and polyethylene in some segments. Poly Embalagens is the only manufacturer of this kind of film in the Mercosul region. The film is gusseted so that after filling it gets shaped like a block, making it easy to pile up.

Film quality is extremely important for good processing. As the process keeps getting faster with the new FFS machines processing 1,800 bags per hour (the old ones went through 400 bags per hour) the sealing time is proportionally reduced which makes film uniformity a key factor in achieving an efficient process. Poly developed its own statistical control model with complete tracking of the process and the materials used.

Another important feature is the blockage level. Suction is used to open the mouth of the bag and a severe blockage will demand a second attempt to open the bag and even to discard it, wasting time and material.

The COF is not as important during the filling procedure but is key for the security and presentation of the packaged material. A low COF will cause sliding of the bags and pallet instability. An ideal COF is usually obtained by embossing the film. Full control of the extrusion process ensures the precision of the resin characteristics.